Scout Badge Opportunities

Cub Scout Programs

Tiger Program: Tigers in the Wild (program length approx 2 hours)
Tiger Cubs will learn about the importance of the Cub Scout Six Essentials. They will learn about the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace Principles for Kids and apply them as they hike the .75-mile James Randall Roe Trail. While on the trail Tiger cubs will identify plants and signs of animals as they hike. They will also create to a pine cone bird feeder to take home.

Wolf Program (program length approx 3 hours)
This program will give Wolf Cubs the opportunity to satisfy Call of the Wild requirements 3, 4, 7a, 7b, Paws on the Path requirements 1-7 and requirement #4 from Grow Something. Wolf Scouts will identify animals, birds and insects; learn how to be prepared for a hike in changing weather conditions and practice applying the Leave No Trace and Outdoor Code on their 1.7 mile hike. Wolf Scouts will also create a terrarium to take home.
Wolf Program: Call of the Wild 3, 4, 7a, 7b, Paws on the Path 1-7, Grow Something #4

Bear Program: Fur, Feathers and Ferns Adventure (program length approx 3 hours)
Bear Cubs will hike the 1.7 mile John & Ann Collins Trail, while on the trail they will identify signs that indicate mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, or plants are living in the area. Scouts will learn about endangered and extinct animals use a magnifying lens to examine plants and learn about different types of compost. As part of this experience, scouts will examine compost samples and help feed the worms that are used for vermicomposting. They will also make their own mini soda bottle composter to take home.

Webelo Walkabout (program length approx 3 hours)
Webelos Scouts will learn to identify venomous snakes and poisonous plants native to this area, identify appropriate items for a first aid kit and create small individual first aid kit. They will develop a hiking plan to be used while they hike the 1.7 mile John & Ann Collins Trail, which includes a stop at the Board Room for Planet Earth to eat their sack lunch. On the hike they will apply the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace for Kids.

Snake in Hand

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